Storm Water Quality Monitoring of Rio Grande at Buckman Direct Diversion


The storm water monitoring effort of the Rio Grande at Buckman Direct Diversion (BDD) was conceived as a part of the five years Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Buckman Direct Diversion Board and the US Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory (DOE LANL) signed by the parties in 2010, and revised in 2015 for three additional years. The BDD is the source of raw water for the Buckman Regional Water Treatment Plant which treats river water for drinking purposes. The treated water is then used by the City and County of Santa Fe to supply drinking water to their customers. The objective of the MOU’s surface water monitoring program was to sample potential flows from the Los Alamos and Pueblo Canyons watershed (LA/PCW) and from the Rio Grande watershed, and the results were to be used to evaluate the storm water quality of the Rio Grande at BDD.

Below are results from the storm water quality sampling at BDD under the MOUs.


Additional BDD Stormwater Sampling Reports


Intellus New Mexico Environmental Monitoring Data

In the spring of 2012, the Santa Fe Community Foundation transitioned the RACER Data Analysis Tool (DAT) to Intellus New Mexico, a new, centralized, cloud-based database application to provide the community with an improved, timely, transparent, and comprehensive point of access to the entire history of data related to environmental conditions within and around the vicinity of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL).

Directions on How to Access a Pre-designed Report on Intellus:

      1. go to
      2. click on red “Environmental Database” field
      3. on top of page in the grey bar click on “Reporting”
      4. click on “Analytical Reports”
      5. click on “Field Sample Results”
      6. select “By Location Group” and click on “Submit”
      7. under “Primary Filter” double click on “Buckman Diversion” and choose sample date range
      8. under “Parameters Filter” double click on the parameter you would like to get information on
      9. under “Data Fields / Output” double click in the left box on the data fields you would like to see in your report
      10. then click “submit” and your report will be generated
      11. By clicking on the pull down menu under “Location” you can order the report results by location
      12. By clicking on the pull down menu under “Parameter Name” you can order the report results by parameter