The Buckman Direct Diversion state-of-the-art facility is showcased by a 360 degree panoramic photo tour!

For groups who aren’t able to visit BDD in person, we have created this exciting opportunity to visit our plant online and go into each of the facility’s buildings that treat and process the sandy river water from the Rio Grande River into clean, crystal clear, high-quality drinking water for Santa Fe City and County residents!

To interact with this 360ºx360º virtual tour, please use your arrow keys or click and drag to look around. You can activate the floor plan or activate your mobile device compass with the buttons in the lower right corner.

Processing and treating river water From the Rio to the Tap.

Diverting water from the Rio, delivering it to your tap, plus all the necessary steps in between is what our staff excels in to provide above-quality, great tasting water in our community. The BDD plant and equipment with which our water is processed and treated are showcased in this online panoramic photo tour.

Students, teachers, consumers, engineers, industry professionals, and colleagues may use this tour as an educational tool, a guide, or a template to model future advanced water treatment facilities in your community.

Enjoy viewing our facility and please let us know if you have any questions or would like to visit us in person!
The BDD staff welcomes the opportunity to showcase our facility online or in person.

From the Rio to the Tap, BDD is providing water today for Santa Fe’s Tomorrow.