BDD Welcomes Back Bryan Armstrong as Maintenance Superintendent

Buckman Direct Diversion management, staff an Board welcome back Bryan Armstrong as BDD Maintenance Superintendent. Currently the maintenance department staffs seven employees, with 2 vacancies anticipated to be filled this year.

Bryan previously worked at BDD for 6 years as the BDD Maintenance Mechanic. He assumed the Interim Maintenance Superintendent position for a year, before retiring in 2017.

He originally started as a BDD Lead Journeyman Mechanic in June 2011.

Prior to working at BDD, Bryan worked at the Canyon Road Water Treatment plant from 2004-2011.

Bryan graduated with a certificate in Facility Maintenance from Santa Fe Community College. He carries a Level 4 Water Operators Certification, and a Class A CDL license with most endorsements. He previously helped set up the CMMS program at BDD.

Bryan graduated from Moriarty High School and received training in Cummins, Cat, Detroit, International, Mercedes diesel and natural gas engines, completed training in A/C, drivetrain, and electrical component from various truck dealers. He also trained on various equipment types including HVAC, heating, natural gas, electrical components, and lock repair.

What Bryan most loves about BDD is the facility, working with the people here and the ability to work together. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys taking pictures and working on farm equipment as his side job. What BDD staff like most about Bryan is his team work mentality and “git’r done” attitude!