Under the Joint Powers Agreement for the BDD Project agreed up by the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County in March 2005, the BDD Project Board is responsible for:

  • Diverting, treating, transmitting and delivering surface water by means of the BDD Project to the City and County and Independent Water Systems in accordance with respective diversion allocations and delivery demands;
  • Managing the Owners’ Consultant Contract and supervising the performance of the Owners’ Consultant;
  • Entering into the Design Build Contract and supervising performance of the Design Build Contractor;
  • Entering into the Project Management and Fiscal Services Contract and supervising the performance of the Project Manager; and
  • Entering into the Facility Operations and Procedures Agreement with Las Campanas.

The BDD Project Board’s authority and duties do not encompass:

  • The distribution of water to customers;
  • The assessment or collection of water charges;
  • The regulation of water use by customers or the ownership;
  • Acquisition or permitting of use of water rights or contract rights.

For more information about the BDD Project Board, visit the Intergovernmental Agreements section.

Board Members

Liz Stefanics

  • Chairperson of the BDD Board
  • Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners, District 5
  • (505) 986-6200
  • Email: lstefanics@santafecountynm.gov
  • Liz is currently the Santa Fe Director of the UNM School of Public Administration, a Senior Researcher with the UNM RWJ Center for Health Policy, and a registered federal lobbyist for a philanthropic education program.
  • She served in the New Mexico State Legislature as a State Senator from 1993-96 sponsoring a wide variety of bills on health and human services, the environment, public finance, human rights, and a wide variety of other issues to improve the status of New Mexicans.
  • Education includes: BS from Eastern Kentucky University; MS from the University of Wisconsin, a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, post doctoral work at the Ohio State University and the University of New Mexico in Law, and a Certified Risk Manager for Public Entities from AICPCU IIA.


Joe Maestas

  • Councilor District 2
  • Email:  jmaestas@santafenm.gov
  • Ph: (505) 955-6815
  • Fax: (505) 984-9180
  • Finance Committee
  • Public Utilities Committee
  • Buckman Direct Diversion Board
  • Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Board
  • Councilor Joseph M. Maestas was first elected to the Governing Body in 2014 and is serving his second term, representing District 2.



Miguel M. Chavez

  • Santa Fe County BDD Board Member 
  • Board of County Commissioners, District 2
  • (505) 986-6200
  • Email: mchavez@santafecountynm.gov
  • Commissioner Chavez was elected in 2013 and currently serves as a member of the Board of Finance, BuckmanDirect Diversion Board, Extraterritorial Land Use Authority, Housing Authority Board, Indigent Hospital and Healthcare Board, Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Authority. He served twelve years on the Santa Fe City Council and lobbied to enact a truck ban on Agua Fria Street.
  • Miguel is a woodworker by trade and was selected to create furniture for a collection at the state Capitol in 1991 and has taught furniture making to fifth- and sixth-grade students at Atalaya Elementary School.
  • Miguel and his wife of 34 years, Liz Marquez Chavez, have three children and grandchildren.


Carmichael A. Dominguez
Carmichael A. Dominguez

  • Vice Chair, BDD Board
  • Chair, City of Santa Fe Finance Committee
  • City Council, District 3
  • (505) 955-6814
  • Email: cadominguez@ci.santa-fe.nm.us
  • Councilor Dominguez was elected to the Governing Body in March 2006 and is serving his third term as City Councilor. Councilor Dominguez is a life-long resident of Santa Fe. He is a graduate of Santa Fe High School and Santa Fe Community College, with an Associates of Applied Science degree, and was a student at New Mexico State University.
  • His long history of dedicated service to this community includes serving as a member of the Santa Fe Public Schools Board of Education, Tierra Contenta Corporation Board of Directors and Zona del Sol.
  • Councilor Dominguez is employed by the New Mexico Department of Transportation and is the father of two children.






Henry Roybal

  • Alternate, BDD Board Member
  • Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners, District 1
  • Board of Finance
  • Housing Authority Board
  • North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD)
  • Regional Coalition of LANL Communities
  • Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
  • Santa Fe Solid Waste Management authority.


Denise Fort

  • Citizen At-Large Member
  • Buckman Direct Diversion Board – February 2016
  • Email: denisefort@msn.com
  • UNM School of Law Research Professor
  • Sierra Club, Rio Grande Chapter Energy Chair
  • University Council on Water Resources

Ms. Fort has a deep interest of New Mexico water policy, and advocate of environmental protection.  Ms. Fort is a long time proponent of environmental flows for western rivers including the Santa Fe River.  She is well versed in state government, state laws and financial policy.

In Ms. Fort’s previous career history, she has held position as NM Secretary of Finance and Administration, Director of NM Environmental Improvement Division and was a member of the NM Water Trust Board.


JC Helms, PhD

  • Alternate Citizen At-Large Member (Provisional)
  • Buckman Direct Diversion Board – Anticipated March 2016
  • Email: westernservices@msn.com
  • President, New Mexico Companies, LLC
  • Harvard College, BA
  • Eberhard-Karls Universitaet-Germany, Fulbright Scholar
  • Harvard University, PhD

Mr. Helms grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and has lived the past 27 years in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.  He has a great interest in water issues for the Santa Fe community.

He currently runs his own business New Mexico Companies, which offers both residential and commercial construction.  He has 43 years of construction and development industries experience, mainly in the Southwest, but has traveled worldwide with contract development ventures for corporations such as Western Services Construction, Hunt Building Corporation, Gerald D. Hines Interests, General Electric, Litton Industries, Rockwell International, Development Corporation, Knight, Frank, Rutley of London and Linbeck Construction of Houston and Iran, along with many other companies.