Water Quality Sampling Reports

Drinking Water Compliance Testing Results Collected by NMED

To obtain detailed analytical information of drinking water compliance testing sampling results collected by the New Mexico Environment Department, please visit www.dww.water.net.env.nm.gov/DWW/ and follow the instructions below:
  1. type in “Buckman” in the principle water system name section
  2. choose in “Santa Fe” from the Principal County dropdown
  3. choose in “Community” from the Water System Type dropdown
  4. type in “Surface Water” from the Primary Source Water Type dropdown
  5. select a desired value from the list provided in the sample class section
  6. select a date range in the collection date range section (The Sample Search always produces results from the last 2 years, unless you provide a specific date range.)
  7. click “search for sample”

Additional Drinking Water Testing Results Collected by BDD