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Millions of Americans across the country rely on caring professionals to provide safe, healthful drinking water to their communities. Citizens trust water flowing from their taps will be free of water-borne contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and other unhealthful compounds. Water Treatment Plant Operators are true experts, committed to providing the highest quality water in communities to which they are so closely connected.

As I reflect on my 30-year career in Water Utility Management, I’m convinced the Buckman Regional Water Treatment Plant Operators are among the most capable and dedicated people in the industry. In order to qualify, each individual met strict competency standards and completed a rigorous training program. The men and women at the BDD pledge to earn your trust, and are honored to play such an important role in sustaining a high quality of life in Santa Fe Communities.

The Buckman Regional Water Treatment Plant guarantees the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County enjoys a reliable, safe water supply for years to come. The community can be proud of our facility and the people entrusted to carry out this important mission.

Robert J. Mulvey, BDD Facilities Manager

Buckman Direct Diversion Staff