BDD and SF County Operators Certify in Confined Space Training

The purpose of Confined Space training is to prevent injury to personnel by ensuring good planning and communication practices prior to and during entry into confined spaces during regular and emergency situations.

This training protects authorized employees who enter confined spaces and who may be exposed to hazardous atmospheres, engulfment in materials, confining conditions, or areas that contain safety or health hazards which may trap personnel. This valuable training enables staff to readily recognize a number of hazardous situations, test and monitor for hazards, especially atmospheric dangers, and work as a team to handle and respond to emergencies and evacuations. BDD staff along with Santa Fe County staff participated in the day classroom and hands on training.

  • Simulation emergency staff building rig for lowering team into confined spaceSimulation emergency raising staff from confined spaceSimulation emergency raising staff from confined spacePrepping for Confined Space training