BDD Request for Proposal: Access Control System


RFP Bid Number: 22/13/P

Status: Open


RFP Release Date: September 29, 2021
Proposal Due Date: November 3, 2021
Close Date: 11/3/2021 3:00 PM


This RFP is designed to provide basic information sufficient to solicit proposals from qualified companies; but is not intended to limit a proposal’s content or exclude any relevant import or essential information.
The BDD intends to award a proponent who will be tasked with procuring, designing, installing and configuring a single complete network access control system (“ACS”) for all existing facilities specified herein. The Proponent will supply all materials, hardware, software, fabrication, installation, programming and testing. The components should be upgradable and swappable without requiring a mass replacement of the system hardware. The components of the existing system such as: card readers, window and door position switches, door locks, wiring and glass break detectors should be reused where compatible.


The Proponent shall be fully certified by the software vendor to sell, install and maintain business in Santa Fe, New Mexico for all system components required. The resulting contract will be a single, multi term award for four (4) years. In Accordance with Section 13-1-150 NMSA 1978, no contract term for a professional services contract, including extensions and renewals, shall exceed four (4) years, except as set forth in section 13-1-150 NMSA 1978.




Project Manager:
Monique Maes