Good Turnout and Good Results at the Second Buckman Cleanup

On Saturday, February 23, the New Mexico Wildlife Federation with the help of local sponsors (TogetherGreen, Audubon New Mexico, Sierra Club, and the City of Santa Fe) organized the second voluntary and very successful clean-up event of the Buckman Bosque Restoration Project area. Approximately 30 volunteers provided their time, energy, and enthusiasm, while the sponsors of the event provided tools (gloves, trash bags, shovels, rakes, trowels), shade & chairs, beverages & lunch, portable toilet, and volunteer incentives (hats, t-shirts).


In spite of the realization of how much neglect and abuse this beautiful and inspirational area has experienced, the mood was festive and energized as glass, cans, diapers, tires, and other rubbish began to disappear, revealing the underlying integrity of the Rio Grande and its riparian forest. By 3:30 pm all the garbage in the ½ mile project area along the Rio Grande was gone and the full sized dumpster, provided by BDD, was ¾ full of some rather remarkable things including: a sofa bed, rugs, blankets, and tires. Despite the fact that the bulk of the garbage was found in the form of broken glass, we were able to recycle two full bins of unbroken bottles and ¾ of a bin of aluminum cans.


Having finished early because of the great turn out and the infectious inspiration that seemed to keep everyone motivated and working hard, many sat around in the warm afternoon sun laughing, telling stories, pointing out birds, landmarks and different hikes in the area.  There was a definite sense of satisfaction having re-claimed this beautiful place through such good intentions and hard work.


We would like to thank the volunteers and sponsors of this event for their hard work and dedication to improve the quality of the wonderful and valuable Buckman Bosque Restoration Project area!


More pictures available on the History Tab in the photo archive.