City of Santa Fe 2015 Water Quality Report

SANTA FE, NM – The City of Santa Fe’s Public Utilities Department, Water Division, has released its 2015 Annual Water Quality Report detailing the quality of Santa Fe’s public drinking water supplies. All Santa Fe Water System customers should have received a copy of the report enclosed in their June water bills.

“The report details the monitoring and source water protection that is performed in the previous year to ensure that the City of Santa Fe’s water supply is safe to drink and meets all state and federal drinking water standards,” said Alex Puglisi, Source of Supply Manager and Environmental Compliance Specialist for the Public Utilities Department.

Since 2002, the City of Santa Fe has distributed annual water quality reports to its water system customers. Copies of these reports are available at:

This year’s report covers the calendar year 2015 drinking water quality testing and reporting. The City of Santa Fe vigilantly safeguards its water to ensure that water delivered to our customers meets all standards required by state and federal regulatory agencies. The City of Santa Fe Water System continued to meet all United States Environmental Protection Agency and New Mexico Environment Department drinking water quality standards in 2015, as it has consistently done in the past.

The primary mission of the City of Santa Fe’s Water Division is to provide the citizens of Santa Fe with a safe and dependable water supply. Anyone interested in the 2015 Water Quality Report can access it through the City of Santa Fe’s official website under Water Quality at the A-Z subject links. Copies are also available at City Hall, the City of Santa Fe Water Division Office at 801 West San Mateo, the County of Santa Fe Main Office on Grant Street, and at City libraries and recreation centers. Copies may also be obtained directly by calling Alex Puglisi at (505) 955-4232 or (5050) 955-4376.